an entry for the TeenyTiny DragonRuby MiniGameJam

I've put a web version up for convenience, but performance will vary (and I'll look into optimizing it).  Ideally it'll run at 60 FPS.  As for the gameplay, just left-click to find the hidden targets (or hold left-click for an easier time)

Also, there is no internal volume control, so try starting out with your volume lowered.

Here's a link to the game jam:

And here's a link to the game's entry in the jam, which has a separate comment stream if you're curious:

And here's the source code for Cloud Miner:


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cloudminer-android.apk 7 MB 29 MB
cloud-miner-linux-amd64.bin 30 MB
cloud-miner-linux-raspberrypi.bin 31 MB
cloud-miner-windows-amd64.exe 31 MB


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The sounds were a little loud, but really atmospheric! This game would be great with a music soundtrack. The square levels were the hardest ones for me to see the * symbols. You can really zen out while playing this, so it's very relaxing.


Thanks!  At the time the engine didn't have direct support for volume control, but it does now, so I need to revisit it.

This is a great time-killer. I appreciate the counter up top that says how many more targets I need to find, though there are times that I don't really know if I'm really looking for something, so I just flail my mouse around and hope to hear a sound.

Thanks!  When a target gets obscured by text, those are the most difficult for me. :)

Congratulations on making the first entry for the TeenyTiny DragonRuby MiniGameJam! Nice game!